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Daring, Delicious, Artisan Kosher Cheeses

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Indulge in the Extraordinary

No added hormones, animal rennet, animal lipase or cheeses rubbed with lard - EVER!

Why choose The Cheese Guy?

Small Batch Artisanal

Experience cheese craftsmanship at its finest. Our small-batch artisanal cheeses embody true artistry, crafted with care for exceptional quality and flavor.


Discover the world's largest range of "vegetarian-friendly" cheeses, meticulously crafted without animal enzymes or lard-rubbed varieties.


We've transformed the kosher cheese world. The majority of our cheeses were not certified kosher until The Cheese Guy brand stepped in.

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5 Star Raves

This company gives me so much Joy! Their cheeses are the bomb! Their snacks are delicious! A needed change for the better in the availability and production of artisanal kosher cheeses. Not to mention the people leading the company really care their customers and their products. Love this company 5 STARS ALL THE WAY.

Ari Blekh

The Cheese Guy delivered an impressive and unforgettable grazing table for the 26-28 guest at my home this past weekend. The table was overflowing with an amazing variety of cheeses, fruits, jams, dried fruits, nuts, candies, olives, etc. He and his staff were professional, friendly and knowledgeable about the origins of the cheeses and how to best pair them with the available wines. I would highly recommend both his services and his amazing cheeses. Thank you for a great experience.

Stuart Rak

We held an event for our early childhood center and synagogue and a great time was had by all. Everyone loved the program itself and more importantly the delicious cheeses!

Temple Israel Albany

That these cheeses are kosher is a bonus ... everyone can enjoy the tastes of The Cheese Guy. For non-cow's milk people, the Pecorino will whet your buds. For a mild flavor, try the Gouda. Actually, try everything! The distribution seems excellent as I have found TCG cheeses in my travels around the US, even bring home varieties that I only find "out of town."

ochocinco shardrach

Best quality cheese I have ever had. Amazing. I highly recommend and will definitely be buying this again. I recommend the five year aged Parmesan!! Brent and the team at the Cheese Guy truly have some of the best quality cheese I have ever had. Try it. They don't disappoint.

Rafael Mahgerefteh

The Cheese Guy does not disappoint. Amazing quality, taste and service. We used them for a 30 person dinner party and they arraigned the most beautiful and tasty platters with assorted cheeses, crackers, fruit and fruit and fig spreads. Was the talk of the party!

Steven Pace